The Things to Do in Yokohama

The Things to Do in Yokohama

Within 30 minutes by train from Tokyo, Yokohama City is Japan’s second most populous city. The cities origin is as the first port of Japan to be opened to foreign trade, in the 1850’s. Yokohama City is a host for the Rugby World Cup 2019.

Many relics from its origin as a port town still stand in Yokohama City, and you can witness these buildings that pioneered Japans modernization. Buildings such as the red brick warehouses by the harbor, which used to function as a place for foreign trade, now serve as shopping and restaurant complexes. These gets very busy on the weekends because they often hold several fun events.

Yokohama Redbrick warehouse

How We Can Enjoy in Yokohama City

Nowadays, the harbor area is named Minato Mirai 21, which means “harbor of the future”. It offers many entertainment attractions including an amusement park and facilities, sightseeing helicopter rides, boat cruises and the amphibious bus.


The Cosmo World amusement park has a handful of roller coaster rides, a kid’s carnival zone and a large Ferris wheel that doubles as a clock. “Orbi Yokohama” combines the innovative technologies of SEGA with BBC Earth’s nature expertise to create a unique visitor attraction. Around sunset time, Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal radiates an orange coloured panoramic view of the whole Minato Mirai landscape. During the evening from The Sky Garden Observatory in the Landmark Tower, the illuminated views of the surrounding area are impressive to behold.

Explore Yokohama in Depth

In the southern part of Yokohama, you will find a beautifully constructed Japanese garden that you cannot miss. The garden, known as Sankeien Garden captures the whole essence of Japan over more than 175,000 square-metres. It houses 17 unique and historical buildings, scattered around the grounds.


Further south, Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is a perfect leisure land surrounded by nature. Here we can visit an aquarium and an entertainment park with plenty of shops, restaurants, and also a hotel.