Yokohama City Guide

Yokohama, A Great Gateway to Japan

Situated on the western coast of Tokyo Bay, Yokohama City is the capital of Kanagawa Prefecture, and is the second most populous city in Japan.

When travelling out from Tokyo to the west side of Japan, the bullet-train will stop at Shin-Yokohama in Yokohama City. Therefore, Yokohama is the first stop or the gateway to the next most popular places in Japan after Tokyo.


The metropolitan of Yokohama has many urban skyscrapers alongside beautiful harbor scenes, especially at the area known as Minato Mirai. Also, due to the prosperity and growth of Japan’s foreign trade after the Meiji restoration (1867-1868,) visitors can now visit many historical and cultural sites in Yokohama. This is because historically Yokohama was the port for foreign trade in Japan.

Yokohama is a Great City for Sport Fans

Yokohama is very active in the professional sport scenes. Here we can see the Yokohama Baystars play baseball, the Yokohama F. Marinos play football, and the Yokohama B-Corsairs play basketball.

International Stadium Yokohama, which hosted the 2002 FIFA World Cup final, will also replace Japan’s new National Stadium as the venue for the Rugby World Cup 2019 final. We hope you can come to support your team’s final there!

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After the Match, Knock Back a Few Beers.

After viewing the matches, the best place to hang out for drink is around the Yoshidamachi, Noge, and Yokohama station area. Here you will find many sport bars and pubs, and friendly people to chat with.
Inside the many sport bars in Yokohama, you will usually find a big screen tuned to the matches, so we can keep on watching the matches over a few craft beers.