Top 4 Nature Sites in Aichi Prefecture

Top 4 Nature Sites in Aichi Prefecture

Aichi Prefecture is a hosting prefecture for the Rugby World Cup 2019. The area is rich in natural attractions, with four national parks and seven prefectural national parks! In these parks, we can see beautiful sceneries that change in each of the four seasons.

1Chausuyama Highlands

Mt. Chausuyama is a mountain located on the border between Aichi and Nagano Prefectures, with its highest point on the Aichi side. In winter, the Chausuyama highlands boast the only ski resort in Aichi. In spring the mountain really comes alive with the blooming of around 400,000 moss phlox (known as Shibazakura in Japanese) flowers!

Chausuyama Highlands, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

2Yotsuya Terraced Rice Fields

At the foot of the 883m high Mt. Kurakake in eastern Aichi Prefecture, the stunning Yotsuya Senmaida, or ‘thousand pieces of terraced rice fields’ is a famous scene. The layered levels of the farm plots that climb up the mountain were made 400 years ago, by terracing with rocks. Visit Yotsuya Senmaida to experience the farm life historical side of Japan.

Yotsuya Terraced Rice Fields, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.


Located in the Asuke district of Toyota City, Korankei is a valley near Nagoya reputed to be one of the best spots for viewing the autumn colours. Visitors can enjoy lovely sights of maple tree tunnels and autumn colours in combination with views of the river. The reflection of the maple trees on a calm day are especially revered by nature lovers. There are also a few bridges such as the Tomoebashi Bridge, which are illuminated in the evening.

Korankei, the autumn leaves, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

4Obara Shiki-Zakura

Obara is another highlight of Toyota City, which presents a stunning collaboration of autumn leaves and cherry blossoms. In Obara, 10,000 cherry blossoms trees, called Shiki-Zakura, are in full bloom twice a year, not only the usual springtime, but also in the autumn. Experiencing cherry blossoms amongst the autumn colours offers a unique experience that cannot be seen anywhere else. It’s also a good chance to see cherry blossoms during the Rugby World Cup 2019, as the cherry blossoms everywhere else won’t be blooming until half a year later elsewhere.

Obara Shiki-Zakura, Aichi Prefecture, Japan