Local Food and Drink in Shizuoka Prefecture

Local Food and Drink in Shizuoka prefecture

Sake, Shizuoka’s Finest Quality

Traditional Japanese cuisine has grown increasingly popular worldwide in recent years. Sake being an indispensable part of which also referred to as a Japanese rice wine, sake is made by fermenting rice that has been polished to remove the bran.

Fuji Takasago Sake Brewery, Shizuoka Prefecture,Japan

To make Sake, fresh water is crucial to ensuring quality, as its ingredients are simply rice and water. In Shizuoka Prefecture, you can find sake breweries that use Mt. Fuji’s clear groundwater – derived from snow that has fallen on Mt. Fuji for countless years, in order to brew their various sake blends.
A most famed example of which is Fuji Takasago Sake Brewery – a great sake brewery with about a 200-year history offering visitors to take brewery tours, sake tasting, and shopping. The brewery is located just a 10 minute walk away from Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine, Mount Fuji’s head Shinto shrine in Fujinomiya City.

Sake,Shizuoka Prefecture,Japan

Sakura Shrimp, A Good Taste and Great View with Mount Fuji

Sakura shrimp, refer to a tiny cherry coloured shrimp that are a specialty of Shizuoka Prefecture. Sized about 4 – 5 cm, they are said to possess the flavour of Mount Fuji. Shizuoka is the only place in Japan where sakura shrimp can be caught; the meltwater from Mount Fuji leads to the clear streams of Fuji River, Oi River, and Abe River that flow into Suruga Bay, making it the only suitable habitat for sakura shrimp.

Mt Fuji and Sakura shrimp, Shizuoka Prefecture,Japan

Thanks to their freshness, sakura shrimp can be enjoyed as sashimi, although this can only be experienced in Shizuoka. Sakura shrimp can also be eaten dried – in fact, if you are lucky, it would be a great idea to stop by the shore of Suruga bay to see the picturesque view of pink sakura shrimp being dried on the ground before the backdrop of Mt. Fuji. This occurs throughout the sunny days of late March, until early June, and again, in late October to early December. Make sure to schedule your visit accordingly when you are travelling Japan for the Rugby World Cup in 2019!

Sakura shrimp,Shizuoka Prefecture ,Japan