Top 4 Stunning Night Views in Sapporo

Top 4 Stunning Night Views in Sapporo

After the excitement of a game at the Rugby World Cup 2019 and knocking back a few beers with local foods at the Sapporo Autumn Fest, the night is not yet over! There are many more things you cannot miss in Sapporo – but the night views really shine the brightest!

Along with the cities of Nagasaki and Kobe, the night views of Sapporo have been designated as one of the three most beautiful night views in Japan.
Thanks to the clear and clean air of Hokkaido, you can admire wide panoramic views of one of Japanese biggest cities alongside beautiful nature.

1Mount Moiwa

Mount Moiwa is a forested mountain located to the southwest of central Sapporo. From the top, you get a breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view of the city. Not only popular for the night views, Mount Moiwa is also a popular destination for a day-trip climbing. Mount Moiwa can be reached by a ropeway cable car, so you can skip the hike if that’s not your thing.

2JR Tower Observation Deck T38

Directly connected to Sapporo Station, the JR Tower offers the most intimate view of the bustling city of Sapporo. The observation deck is 173 meters tall, totaling 38 stories, making it the tallest building in the entire Hokkaido prefecture. It boasts works of art along the walls, a souvenir shop and a cafe that turns into a bar at night.

JR Tower in Sapporo

3Sapporo TV Tower

Sapporo TV Tower gives another 360-degree panorama view of the city and is located on the grounds of the Odori Park, which divides Sapporo into north and south. Odori park is home to not only the famous Sapporo Snow Festival, but also the Sapporo Autumn Festival, which runs at the same time as the Rugby World Cup 2019.

Sapporo TB Tower

4Asahiyama Memorial Park

Surrounded by nature, the more secluded Asahiyama Memorial Park offers not only another great panoramic view of Sapporo, but also the Sea of Japan beyond! The park was built to commemorate the cities 100th year.
When the fountains in Asashiyama Memorial Park light up, it adds a special atmosphere to the glittering lights of central Sapporo.

Asahiyama memorial park in Sapporo

These observation decks and parks attracts many couples, especially at night, so why not explore Sapporo at night after the game and feel the romantic scenes and enjoy one of Japans top 3 night views.