Local Gourmets in Osaka

Local Gourmets in Osaka

Osaka is a city with a passion for food. Proclaimed to be one the world’s greatest food capitals, the city hosts more than 100 Michelin-Starred restaurants.

The History of Osaka Gourmet

Historically, Osaka’s nickname “tenka no daidokoro” (the nation’s kitchen) comes from its time as Japan’s rice hub during the Edo Period, but today refers more to the vast array of food options available within the city. Thanks to these plentiful choices, it is also known as “Kuidaore”, which literally means, “to ruin oneself by extravagance in food,” or “to enjoy really good food to the last bite.” The reason the food tastes so good in Osaka is perhaps because of this culture of culinary hedonism that city was built upon.

Takoyaki is famous Osaka food.© Osaka Convention& Tourism Bureau

Varieties of Osaka Food

When you think of Osakan fast-food, the first thing that comes to mind is Takoyaki – balls of wheat-based batter that are cooked in special takoyaki pans, and generally filled with diced octopus. However, Osaka is known for its seasonal cuisine as well, one example of which is the gorgeous winter delicacy, Tecchiri – a fugu (blowfish) hot pot.

Tecchiri is a hot pot dish for blowfish (fugu) in Osaka, Japan.© Osaka Convention& Tourism Bureau

What to Try in Higashiosaka City

Set your sights on Higashiosaka City, which is home to the Hanazono Rugby Stadium – the first dedicated rugby union stadium in Japan! The stadium features dining options, including a menu unique to the city with the rugby-related menu items, named “Rugger Dining in Higashiosaka”. This has been created with “after-match party culture” in mind, which is very unique among the rugby players and fans, and makes for a comfortable atmosphere when you visit this venue. The menu features dishes such as Hanazono styled Donburi, Higashiosaka Rugby Curry Rice, and Hanazono udon noodle with Sukiyaki styled soup.

Hanazono styled Donburi
Higashi-Osaka Rugby Curry Rice
Hanazono Udon noodle with Sukiyaki styled soup