Onsen Culture in Oita Prefecture

Onsen Culture in Oita Prefecture

Oita Prefecture will host the Rugby World Cup 2019, and is famous for its hotsprings, priding itself in having the most onsens and the largest output of hotspring water in Japan. You can experience various kinds of spring sources, and have many opportunities to enjoy hot springs, both as viewing points and places to rest and dine.

Yufuin Onsen

At the foot of gorgeous Mt. Yufu, the Yufuin onsen resort offers a fantastic selection of hot spring baths, serene Japanese inns, and cozy boutique cafes in a picturesque natural setting.

Yufuin Onsen in Oita prefecture, Kyushu, Japan.

Tanayu, An Open-air Bath on the Rooftop at Beppu Onsen

At the heart of Beppu onsen town, Sugioi hotel holds an attractive bath named ‘Tanayu,’ an open-air bath with a superb view. It consists of a complex series of tubs, spread out over five tiers like terraced rice paddies. Here you can overlook Beppu Bay and the night view of the town.

Tanayu, An Open-air Bath on the Rooftop at Beppu Onsen

Beppu Hell

Oita offers spectacular hot springs for viewing rather than bathing in. Beppu’s biggest attraction, the “hells” are composed of seven baths such as Chinoike Jigoku, a red coloured onsen famous for its clay that reportedly cures skin disease, as well as Umi Jigoku, a mystic blue-cobalt spring, that runs a scalding 98 degrees celsius, where visitors often see bundles of eggs cooking in bowls suspended above the ponds.

Beppu jigoku- chinoike jigoku
Beppu jigoku - umijigoku

Ukenokuchi Onsen

About one hour drive from Oita City, Ukennokuchi Onsen is a hidden gem, that offers bathers many health benefits. Open to the public since the Meiji Period (1868-1912), it is rich in minerals, surface iron and sulphur ions which cure burn injuries, surface wounds, and neuralgia. Locals are also known to visit here for the spring water, which is good for stomach flu.

Ukenokuchi onsen, Oita prefecture, Kyushu, Japan.

Myoban Onsen

Located on the hillside of Beppu City, Myoban Yu no Sato features thatch-roofed sheds for collecting residue from the local hot spring water. This facility also hosts a wide-scaled open-air bath with a stunning view overlooking the Beppu Bay and Beppu Town.

Myoban onsen close to Beppu onsen, Oita, Kyushu, Japan.