Oita’s Local Specialities

Oita’s Local Specialities

Surrounded by the sea and magnificent mountains, Oita Prefecture, a hosting prefecture of the Rugby World Cup 2019, is home to a rich food culture of locally grown meat, fish, and vegetables. Here are some examples of local special cuisines you can try when you visit Oita.

1Saiki Zushi

Saiki City in Oita Prefecture is located at the mouth of the Bungo Suido Channel and is one of the famed fishing areas of Japan. This city offers top-quality sushi made by the hands of sushi masters, who are supplied with fresh fish, caught in the nearby sea.

Saiki Sushi made by the hands of sushi masters, Oita, Kyushu, Japan.

2Bungo Beef

This iconic, high-end gourmet item of Oita , is treated with a prestige similar to that of Kobe Beef. With Teppanyaki or Steak, you can enjoy its sensational, melt-in-your-mouth texture, and admire the marbling of the fat through the meat.

Bungo wagyu beef , a local speciality in Oita prefecture, Kyushu, Japan.

3Marbled Flounder (Shiroshita-Karei)

Simple but sweet in taste, the marbled flounder is a top quality seafood item of Hiji Town, where there are many opportunities to enjoy it. Hiji holds the Shiroshita Karei Festival in May, which is the best chance to try it.

Marbled Flounder (Shiroshita-Karei), Oita's speciality

4Chicken Tempura

Chicken Tempura is one of the most famous local dishes Oita Prefecture. This fried chicken battered in Japanese tempura can come in various different styles, though is often served with kabosu citrus ponzu sauce and mustard.

Chicken tempura is one of local specialities in Oita.

5Horse Mackerel

The rough currents of the Bungo Channel make fish more meaty and flavourful; Bungo Horse Mackerel is a perfect example of this, and is thus a very popular as a top brand of seafood in Japan. Simply eating horse mackerel as sashimi is the recommended style of serving for this high-quality cuisine.

Horse Mackerel freshly caught from Bungo channel, Oita, Kyushu, Japan.