The Stunning Nature in Kobe City

The Stunning Nature in Kobe City

Mount Rokko – Beautiful Nature in Kobe City

Travelling up by ropeway for about 30 minutes from the city centre, one can admire the wide-scaled panoramic view overlooking both Akashi-Kaikyo bridge and the glittering expanse of Osaka Bay, to the Kansai International Airport from the observation deck.

The Things to Do in Mount Rokko

Kobe night view from Mount Rokko, Kobe city, Japan.

Within this panoramic view located 880 metres above the sea level on Mount Rokko, visitors can take delight in the shopping and gourmet cuisine at the Rokko Garden Terrace. The highlight of Mount Rokko is the breathtaking night views, canonized alongside Mt. Inasa and Mt. Hakodate as one of the Three Great Night Views of Japan. The view from the top of Mount Maya, a part of the Rokko mountains, has been dubbed a “Ten Millon Dollar Night View”.
931-metre-high Mount Rokko provides one of the most renowned hiking experiences in the Kansai region. Hiking in Rokko mountains is extensive, offering many trails from beginners to veterans.

The river scream in Mount Rokko, Kobe city, Japan.
The Koyodani hiking trail in Mount Rokko, Kobe city, Japan.

Climbing up to the peak of Mount Rokko, there is another ropeway named ‘Rokko-Arima Ropeway’ which will take you to one of the oldest hot springs resort, Arima onsen. The Ropeway brings you up the mountains and into the Rokko Herb Garden, with a stop at the mid point for if you want to walk up or down part way in nature. Enjoy mountain hiking and hot springs all in one day.

Arima onsen, Kobe city, Japan.