Kobe, The Beautiful Waterfront City

Kobe, The Beautiful Waterfront City

A Glimpse of the Port Town, Kobe

Located between the sea and Mount Rokko, with many attractions such as China town and Kitano – the former residential area for foreign merchants, – Kobe is also considered one of Japan’s most attractive cities, and will host the venue for the upcoming Rugby World Cup 2019. Its port was among the first to be opened to foreign trade in the 19th century, offering a vibrant culture and an extensive waterfront.

Kobe, a harbour city in West Japan.

Visit the Waterflont of Kobe

Located a walkable distance (about 40 minutes) from the venue around the port area, you will see a shopping and entertainment district which hosts shopping complexes such as Kobe Harbourland, sporting large selection of shops, restaurants, cafés and other amusement.

Kobe Meriken Park, Hyogo prefecture, Japan.

Meriken park is a nice waterfront park featuring two iconic marvels of contemporary architecture: the red Kobe Port Tower, and the nearby Kobe Maritime Museum. Located at the centre of the park, Kobe Maritime Museum is topped by a dramatic white steel framework, meant to evoke the image of setting sails, which gives us simultaneously conveys the history and future of shipping.

The Nostalgic and Modern Atmosphere is Kobe

In the evening Gaslight Street , one of the main streets that leads through the centre of Kobe Harbourland, is illuminated with the glimmer of old-fashioned gas street lamps. Visitors can then take a cruise together through the romantic evening atmosphere – making it a popular spot for local couples, and tourists alike.

Kobe harbor land view, Hyogo prefecture, Japan.