Coastal Scenery in Kamaishi

Coastal Scenery in Kamaishi

Kamaishi City is proud to be one of the hosts for Rugby World Cup 2019. The city is located on the “Sanriku Coast” in the Iwate Prefecture of northeastern Japan. The Sanriku coast is blessed with its stunning natural sawtooth-shaped coastline, and is known for its fishing industry and breathtaking coastal scenery.

Iwate Mt.Goyo


Ohakozaki is a picturesque spot on the tip of the Hakozaki Peninsula. Ohakozaki overlooks the great “Senjojiki” to the south, a geological formation of thousands of rocks. Senjojiki was created through erosion of rocks by the powerful and constant battering of waves of the Pacific Ocean. You will surely feel the power of nature as you gaze upon it. From Ohakozaki we can also see three beautiful bays, Otsuchi Bay and Yamada Bay to the north, and Kamaishi Bay to the south.

Ohakozaki, a beautiful coastline in Iwate prefecture, Japan.

Mount Goyo

Mount Goyo is the mountain closest to the Pacific Ocean in the Iwate Prefecture. Standing at 1,351 meters tall, it offers magnificent views overlooking the jagged Sanriku Coast. Mount Goyo also had an important role in the past, as it supplied the local economy with an abundance of Japanese cypress and other lumber. The mountain is designated as a prefectural park now, so it offers many opportunities to see unspoiled forests, Japanese rhododendrons, and sometimes even Japanese monkeys and deers in their wild habitat. Outdoor lovers should check out the 2-hour trail to the peak, and be rewarded with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

Iwate Mt.Goyo, Japan.
Mount Goyo offers a nice hiking trek in Iwate, Japan.