The Beautiful Natural Spots in Fukuoka

The Beautiful Natural Spots in Fukuoka

Although Fukuoka Prefecture is home to bustling urban scenery like Fukuoka City, it boasts all the nature that you could hope to visit as well.


Located next to Fukuoka City, Itoshima boasts a sparkling view filled with blue sea, while offering a laid-back lifestyle, cool cafes and restaurants, and beach activities like surfing. The most popular spot here is Sakurai Futamigaura, where you can watch the sunset framed between two giant rocks. This view has also been selected as one of Japan’s top spots to view the sunset.

Itoshima, a beach destination close to Fukuoka city, Japan.


Yanagawa is known as “The City of Water” located in the southern area of Fukuoka Prefecture. Upon arrival, make sure to enjoy a peaceful and traditional river cruise to see plenty of green nature from season to season. After getting off the cruise, you might want to try Yanagawa’s traditional local cuisine, steamed eel.

Yanagawa river cruise in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan.


You can also witness beautiful nature in areas like Nokonoshima Island, known for its stunning views of flowers blooming in spring. Located on the coast, Fukuoka has many beaches which offer several marine activities as well. Seaside Momochi – Fukuoka’s modern waterfront located on reclaimed land along Hakata Bay – features several beaches, offering a stunning view.

Nokonoshima island, Fukuoka city, Japan.

Shika Island

With a circumference of 12km, Shika Island is another natural gateway within Fukuoka Prefecture, accessible by a short ferry ride for 30 minutes from Hakata port. Bikes can be rented at the ferry port – a great way to pass the time, as the island provides a gorgeous and flat roadway for coastal cycling to discover its tremendous scenery. You can also find bliss in the local seafood, hot springs, and the warm interactions with locals at the island’s various shops.

Fruit Farms

Fukuoka is one of the leading fruit-producers in all of Japan’s Prefectures, so visitors can enjoy picking seasonal fruits like strawberries, grapes, pears and persimmons almost all year around. Most fruit farms are scattered around Chikugo area, located just one hour from Fukuoka City.

Harazuru Onsen

Located in Asakura City along the Chikugo river, Harazuru Onsen is one of the biggest hot spring towns in Fukuoka. The source contains two kinds of spring quality, both alkalescent simple spring, and sulfur spring, which has an effect for removing old keratin and skin. Harazuru Onsen provides a great place to unwind while soaking in its rich springs after visiting the venue for the Rugby World Cup 2019.

Harazuru onsen in Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan.