Fukuoka City Guide

Fukuoka City Guide

Fukuoka – One of the Most Liveable Cities in the World

Fukuoka is the largest city in Kyushu, and one of Japan’s ten most populated cities. Its friendly yet urban atmosphere, accessible public transportation, and scale of the metropolis make have earned it the rank of fourteenth most liveable city in the world according to a survey by Monocle.

Seaside Mooch in Fukuoka city , Japan.

Fukuoka’s Shopping District

Upon arrival, you will find plenty to see and do. Its modern shopping centres, Hakata and Tenjin, host large malls with great selections, while you can also visit smaller, local shops in areas like the Kamikawabata Shopping Arcade. Fukuoka is also home to several traditional sites, such as Tocho-ji Temple, which is home to a large Buddha statue you can go inside, and a stunning five story pagoda.

Tenpin District, a big shopping centre in Fukuoka
Tochoji temple in Fukuoka city, Japan.

Full of Nature and the Great View in Fukuoka

You can also witness beautiful nature in areas like Nokonoshima Island, known for its stunning views of flowers blooming in spring. Located on the seashore, Fukuoka has many beaches which offer several marine activities as well. Seaside Momochi – Fukuoka’s modern waterfront located on reclaimed land along Hakata Bay – features several beaches, offering a stunning view.

Nokonoshima island, a small island close to Fukuoka city, Japan.

Savoy the Fukuoka’s Gourmet

Fukuoka is well known for its regional cuisine, popular among local people as well as visitors to the city. A great place to try ramen as well as many other local specialities is at “yatai” – or food stalls. The Nakasu area in particular, is a great place to try yatai, as the area is packed with these bustling food stalls by night. They have a friendly atmosphere, and are a great way to experience Fukuoka’s local culture. Enjoyed by people of all ages, yatai provides a great venue to socialize, maybe make new friends while chatting about the Rugby World Cup in 2019!

Food stalls 'yatai'  in Fukuoka, Japan.