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City Guide

City Guide POST LIST

  • Night view from World Trade Cente, Tokyo, Japan

    Tokyo City Guide

    Tokyo City Guide After the match for the Rugby World Cup 2019, there’s no shortage of excitement to make for a great evening in Tokyo, that can be found simply by strolling around the bustling st...more >>

  • Mount Moiwa in Sapporo

    Top 4 Stunning Night Views in Sapporo

    Top 4 Stunning Night Views in Sapporo After the excitement of a game at the Rugby World Cup 2019 and knocking back a few beers with local foods at the Sapporo Autumn Fest, the night is not yet ov...more >>

  • Mount Iwate and Kitakami River

    A Guide to Iwate Prefecture and Kamaishi City – Introduction

    A Guide to Iwate Prefecture and Kamaishi City - Introduction Situated just 2.5 hours from Tokyo by the bullet train, Iwate Prefecture is located on the Pacific Coast of the northeastern region of...more >>

  • Yokohama Nihonmaru

    Yokohama City Guide

    Yokohama, A Great Gateway to Japan Situated on the western coast of Tokyo Bay, Yokohama City is the capital of Kanagawa Prefecture, and is the second most populous city in Japan. When tra...more >>

  • Minatomirai,Yokohama,Japan

    The Things to Do in Yokohama

    The Things to Do in Yokohama Within 30 minutes by train from Tokyo, Yokohama City is Japan's second most populous city. The cities origin is as the first port of Japan to be opened to foreign tra...more >>

  • Festivals of the lights in Osaka museum

    What to See in Osaka City

    What to See in Osaka City Osaka is known for hosting the first World Expo to occur in Asia, spanning 183 days between March 15 and September 13, 1970. With the theme of "Progress and Harmony for ...more >>

  • The tower of the sun in Osaka, Japan.

    Osaka City Guide

    Osaka City Guide Japan's second largest metropolitan area after Tokyo, Osaka is an enormous industrial city which offers modern architecture, and the latest technology from across the world. As a...more >>

  • Kumamoto City Guide

    Kumamoto Gity Guide Kumamoto is located in the centre of Kyushu, making it is easy to access other places by the bullet train in Japan’s southernmost main island. From the bullet train, visitors ...more >>

  • Fukuoka City Guide

    Fukuoka City Guide Fukuoka – One of the Most Liveable Cities in the World Fukuoka is the largest city in Kyushu, and one of Japan's ten most populated cities. Its friendly yet urban atmosphere...more >>

  • Kobe harbor land view, Hyogo prefecture, Japan.

    Kobe, The Beautiful Waterfront City

    Kobe, The Beautiful Waterfront City A Glimpse of the Port Town, Kobe Located between the sea and Mount Rokko, with many attractions such as China town and Kitano - the former residential area ...more >>